Pay As You Go (PAYG) MaxWebAuthor™
MaxView Corporation provides Pay-As-You-Go MaxWebAuthor, as an alternative process to organize complete construction files for publishing to CD or to the Internet. Used in the PAYG mode, the MaxView software is licensed at no charge to the Architect or Engineer. Instead of an investment in a software license, PAYG software works with Tokens to pay for each final document set you want to create and distribute. Tokens are available for purchase directly through your MaxView sales representative. PAYG unit purchases start with a minimum of 20 tokens for $120.00 and have a value of $6.00. A token is used for each plan page (CAL or TIF file) in your project. Specification documents (Word, PDF or Excel document) may be included in each project set without using tokens. PDF documents can be included and converted to "View in MaxView" so that end-users will be able to view drawing files and use MaxView's print, count and measuring tools to prepare estimates. PDF image file converted and saved in this state will be included in the project token count. Using tokens enables a direct cost relationship, which can be charged to the specific project. For example, a set of 25 plans may need to be sent out for bid. To create an encrypted and widely distributable MaxView document (which includes the images and the “maxFR” file) for this project set would decrement 25 Tokens for a total charge of $150.00. Once a MaxView document is created and “paid for with tokens” you can add additional pages and pay as you go to build onto the original paid for pages. With the major features in MaxWebAuthor available at PAYG level, full-featured documents can be created with the least amount of time and effort. Folder and sub-folder document organization in PAYGMaxWebAuthor includes the ability to imbed any other file type, such as PDF, DOC, XLS, DWF, etc. as external document pages. The entire document set of a bid including specification documents, drawing images, bid submittal forms and cost estimate tables can be organized within one MaxView document. Automated directory organization and creation features provide major manpower savings in creating documents and offer a more intuitive, automatically hyper-linked menu structure for easy navigation by end-users. You can set up custom file naming tables and quick sort functions to meet your standards. With the rising cost of paper, MaxView’s PAYG authoring software offers a simple and cost effective alternative for distributing your plan pages and specification documents. And every document set can be viewed by the free MaxReader to enable users to do screen based takeoffs for cost estimating purposes or to print to scale.

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