MaxView offers its popular MaxReader software for viewing, printing and performing basic on-screen takeoffs. MaxReader is licensed at no charge and is compatible with documents created using a one of the MaxView authoring software applications. With MaxReader, you can pan, zoom, print to scale, and selectively navigate documents on a CD or on the Internet. MaxView document pages may be organized using folders and sub-folders and may contain external documents together with TIF or CAL image files. Documents in their native format, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat or even CAD files can be included to create a complete project set. The appropriate viewer for the selected external document will be activated when you double-click on the name in the MaxView Document Explorer. Project pages on the Internet can be selectively downloaded, so you can save considerable time by requesting only images you need related to your construction trade. You always first receive the index file with a maxfr extension, which acts as an on-going reference list for all image files in the document. You are able to go back to the web-site and obtain additional images at any time. Major print features include the ability to crop or print the zoomed view, preview various printable image views and set the print scale globally. Slideshow view mode enables you to cycle through an entire document or selected pages, viewing images at a specified time interval. Large-scale engineering drawings, construction plans, maps, or technical papers can all be viewed and calibrated to scale so you can take accurate takeoffs for creating project bids. Takeoff tools include segment and area measurements and a count tool with information stored in an easy to read window with export or print capability. MaxReader is available as a free download. A 30-day evaluation period of the higher level applications in the MaxView suite is provided with the first installation of MaxView. If your trial has ended and you would like to re-evaluate the features for enhanced screen-based takeoffs and annotations or create your own project document sets, please contact your state sales representative today.

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