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Document Distribution Technology for Construction

MaxView About Us
MaxView Corporation is a software company dedicated to the development, distribution and support of advanced document distribution technologies and services primarily for the construction and manufacturing industries. MaxView authoring solutions are used by construction project owners, design professionals, reprographers, plan rooms, information service providers and others to assemble, organize, maintain and archive documents for electronic distribution via various media including the Internet. Typical applications of our document distribution technologies are for the design review, building code approval, electronic bid solicitation, project management and facilities management phases of a construction project. Document recipients such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or other project owners and design professionals may use the free MaxReader™ software to access, view, locally print the documents or perform basic takeoffs electronically. Recipients may also optionally purchase higher product levels to perform advanced document takeoff, markup and collaborative functions. MaxView products can be used off-the-shelf or as part of a custom solution developed by the User or MaxView. Solutions provided by MaxView include MaxView Express tm Internet service for exchange of documents during the design, code approval, construction and other phases of a building project. MaxView services include: training, support and enhancement of its products and servicess and can be extended to additional service provisions up to and including turnkey facilities management of the entire implementation for the customer. MaxView’s products support industry-standard format structures extended by using its Smart Document ™ facilities to allow additional information to travel along with the documents. This additional Smart Document ™ information can include elements such as digital signatures, document security, CAD-originated content information or user-generated mark-up layers that can bring much greater document utility to its users. Smart Document ™ facilities can also be used to implement a variety of business models for services providers by allowing innovative structures such as Pay-As-You-Go pricing or charging schemes.