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Document Distribution Technology for Construction

Downloads (version 6.18 is the current release)
 MaxView is a single software application that includes multiple product levels. The product family includes the popular free MaxReader and inclusively builds on each subsequent higher level of product, culminating with MaxWebAuthor, which is our most inclusive off-the-shelf offering. Click here to Download MaxView MaxReader handles access to the overall file structure and viewing of any documents that use the standard raster format within a MaxView Document. When MaxReader encounter documents that are stored in another format, it calls up the free document viewer, or full application, associated with that format such as Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat viewers. A 30-day trial is provided for your review of four different products levels the first time you install MaxView on a workstation. In addition to MaxReader, the evaluation covers Secure MaxTakeOff, Secure MaxMarkUp and MaxAuthor.  Contact a MaxView Representative for your State to arrange for a trial period for the following products: MaxWebAuthor MaxCapture MaxPlans Manager