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Document Distribution Technology for Construction

Sample Projects
The following links are to sample construction projects and are provided for your use during the evaluation of MaxView. In order to view the full features and files in these projects, you will need to first download and install the free MaxReader software.  Then click on a link below and MaxView will automatically launch. The US Army Corps of Engineers also use MaxAuthor to publish construction plans electronically. By distributing CD's with a FREE copy of MaxReader instead of printed blueprints and specifications, they save on printing and mailing costs. Publishing projects directly to the web adds additional cost savings. The following demonstration is an actual Electronic Contract Solicitation (ECS) distributed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Bidders can view blueprints, do screen-based takeoffs (e.g., count and measure) or print the plans and specifications - all from their desktop computer!
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 Click to view the USACE documents with MaxView

The packaging of all the documents necessary to put a large construction project out to public bid is simplified with the software applications offered by MaxView. The US Air Force did an enterprise wide purchase of MaxView's MaxAuthor at their bases worldwide. The primary application for MaxAuthor is the packaging and publishing of their construction project engineering drawings in an easy to navigate and use electronic format along with the specifications and other related documents such as addendum during the bidding phase. The added value is to the end-users. Using the free MaxReader tools they print only the documents needed or set the scale on a drawing and do basic on-screen estimating. Cost savings have been estimated at one base at "$125,000 for 14 average-sized construction contracts over a period of six months."

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 Click to view the USAF documents with MaxView

A Live Electronic Bid Site

A number of recent and current construction projects published for bid from within the State of Louisiana,Iowa, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Washington, and other locations, are available on the AEPlans web site. Registration is FREE and only takes a few minutes to receive your User ID. AEPlans incorporates thumbnail previews for each plan page together with shopping cart style selection of individual plans, specification and addenda sections for download, or delivery on CD or printed copies. Please review the AEPlans website for full particulars and register from the home page at