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Document Distribution Technology for Construction

MaxView Corporate Overview
MaxView Corporation and its predecessors have been involved in the development, distribution and support of document distribution software technologies since the mid-1990s with users in several markets including construction, manufacturing, and governmental county assessors. In particular, our original product called ‘SourceView’ helped pioneer the movement towards the electronic distribution of large-scale engineering and design drawings for construction bid solicitations which today is common practice in the industry. SourceView enabled non-technical document recipients to easily access, view and locally print project information from major owners such as the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Air Force. As a result of this early success MaxView Corporation was formed as a Washington state corporation in 2000 with specific focus on the construction industry.  MaxView is headquartered in Everett Washington (a suburb of Seattle).    The first release of our main product family (also called MaxView) occurred in 2000 and is an upward-compatible replacement for ‘SourceView’.  This second-generation development incorporates a complete re-development of the original product to include state-of-the-art design such as Smart Document™, Pay-As-You-Go licensing and advanced document security that enables effective document distribution implementations for the construction industry.