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MaxWebAuthor facilitates the ultimate in volume publishing and access of documents over the web using integrated high-speed 'preview' of documents prior to interaction with or download of the full resolution images. Enhanced directory organization features provide major manpower savings in creating documents and offer more intuitive, automatically hyper-linked menu structures for easy navigation by end-users. With the MaxWebAuthor command Open Directory you can specify a "top level" MS Windows directory, and MaxView will create a document that reproduces the system directory structure with MaxView folders. At the same time all image files and any supported External Document, found under the specified "top level" directory, will be inserted into the MaxView index document. Significant manpower savings are realized in creating documents with a single keystroke. Non-technical users find it is easiest to navigate a complex document set with hotspots or hyperlinks. The Create Hotspot Menus function automatically creates forward and backward hotspot links between folders and sub-folders offering simple and intuitive navigation through document folders and pages. XML support provides an industry standard way to import information from external sources directly into MaxView. One implementation will allow the importation of drawing attributes from CAD files to automatically generate scale information, link related images through section indicators and generate the MaxView document page list using the sheet identification. The Generate Previews capability produces thumbnail images less than 1/10 the size of the standard raster CAL or TIFF file which are automatically detected by MaxReader. For large size files such as engineering drawings, the ability to preview images on the web is extremely beneficial. The end-users experience quick on-line viewing, can bookmark specific images while previewing and then request only the required full resolution image downloads. Considerable time is saved through use of previews, which the contractors can apply to the preview and bid of more projects that would be of interest to them. Digital Signatures can now be applied with MaxWebAuthor. The signature is information that is unique to an individual and is stored in a digital format so that it can only be used by that individual. The author of a document can apply a digital signature so a recipient of the document can verify who digitally signed it, and whether or not the document has been modified after the digital signature was applied. Document Authentication is the process by which MaxView examines a MaxView document to validate the Digital Signature and the integrity of the document and all its components. MaxView uses the federal standard Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) described in the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 180-2. The SHA-1 applies a mathematical process to a document, which creates a smaller unique representation of the document called a “hash value”. The hash value corresponds to the original document in the same way a fingerprint corresponds to a person, offering the higher security possible to ensure that if the document has not been modified in any way. To evaluate MaxWebAuthor, please contact your state sales representative today to obtain a special enabling key for a two-week trial. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) MaxView introduced a new PAYG model as an alternative method to create projects for general distribution.
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MaxCapture MaxCapture converts electronic documents or drawings to CAL or TIFF Group IV format, carrying through both pen mapping and pen widths from the CAD file. The output files are ready for use by one of the MaxView author applications.