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In the construction bid marketplace, MaxAuthor is the primary application used by many large project owners and their A/E firms in creating an end to end electronic bid distribution solution. MaxAuthor offers a new simplified process to organize all your files for publishing to the Internet or to CD. Commercial and government organizations are in need of new methods to provide fast, electronic access to archived architectural and engineering drawings and related information. Although CADD systems used to originate these drawings require trained users, MaxView products are designed for non-technical users. This means everyone benefits.
  • Ease of use translates into improved productivity;
  • Savings in creation time with the introduction of XML compliant document structures;
  • Reduced handling of paper, reduced errors and improved costs;
  • On-line access without geographic boundaries or hours of operation constraints.
Compatible with documents that were previously published using our first generation of software, SourceView, MaxAuthor offers a new hierarchical document structure and supports XML compliant interfaces to other applications. A MaxView document can imbed any other file type, such as PDF, DOC, XLS, DWG, etc. as external documents. An entire document set including specification documents, bid submittal forms and image files can be organized within one MaxView document. Our free MaxReader is used to navigate and view the final document set. MaxView is XML compliant and as such affords the CAD operator new functionality in creating MaxView documents directly from a group of CAD files containing specific tags with intelligent attributes that are compiled and exported to a MaxView authored document. This may include: defining drawing detail cross-reference section and target markers with automatically generated hotspots; defining multiple scales on a drawing image; and generating the MaxView sheet definition names in the Document Explorer. Other features that will help you create documents of real value to your users include:
  • A rich set of annotation and markup tools.
  • The ability to create active hotspot links within the document or to another document, activate sound and video files and link to active web pages.
  • A feature to brand each image with a text string defined within the image perimeter as a permanent banner.
  • Merging a text or line annotation located anywhere on the image, directly into the image.
Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) MaxView introduced a new PAYG model as an alternative method to create projects for general distribution.
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MaxCapture MaxCapture converts electronic documents or drawings to CAL or TIFF Group IV format, carrying through both pen mapping and pen widths from the CAD file. The output files are ready for use by one of the MaxView author applications.