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Secure MaxTakeOff™
Designed with user ease in mind, Secure MaxTakeOff has all the features of Secure MaxReader with the added benefit of persistence to save your counts and measurements from session to session. The familiar Windows tool bars can be arranged to your preference and offer powerful features with just one click. MaxTakeOff offers multi-view windows, user defined count symbols with a count items multiplier, dual units of measure with features to add, edit, organize and remove measurement scale factors. The scale bar has standard units of measurement to calibrate drawings with one click. The ability to do linear and planar screen-based measurements and counts eliminates the need to print or plot the drawings in order to do takeoffs for estimating purposes. A detail view magnifier appears immediately to enable precise placement of the cursor for accurate measuring. The Information Window displays dual units and rise over run take-off information and has a very easy to use spreadsheet export or direct print. For those pages that need to be printed, the print-to-scale feature allows full size, high resolution printing of any drawing size, with an added print banner if desired. The Tiled Print feature enables output of full size drawings on multiple sheets of smaller paper which is especially useful to contractors wanting to print various views or to 100% scale on 8 ½ x 11 paper. The Print Thumbnails feature allows you to print images in a table format. You can select all pages for thumbnail printing or only selected pages.