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FAQ's - Ask Max
Frequently- Asked-Questions is the user forum to provide and request assistance in the use of MaxView software and web services. Please submit your questions, documentation issues and suggestions for product enhancements to askmax. Share your experiences, opinions and successes with us so we may continue to provide the best possible online support and services.
1. What file types will the free MaxReader open?
2. How do I view and print individual CAL or TIFF files?
3. What Is MaxCache?
4. What is the Page List?
5. Why does “Cannot Establish Adobe Batch Print Function” appear?
6. How do I calculate Volume?
8. What is the System ID?
9. Why is MaxView prompting for a User ID and Password?
10. Why does printing at 11 x 17 not produce a full drawing print?
11. Why is the page blank when printing?
12. Why doesn’t the bottom portion of the Evaluation dialog box show?
13. New contact information for technical support effective April 11, 2013
14. MaxCapture Page Setup Instructions
15. Whitelist MaxView Email