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Programs & Policies 2018
MaxView Corporation offers helpdesk support, software updates and other services to Registered Users of MaxView products. Take a moment and review the particulars of our Subscription and  Support programs. Please ensure that the software you are using is the most current version available from our web site. For most product levels, subscription and support purchases are available through the MaxView Registration Dialog box of your installed copy. For questions or more information on this service, please call (425) 423-0777.

The MaxView Annual Subscription Plan is designed to ensure that users of MaxView products continue to enjoy the maximum benefits from their software investment. Because the annual agreement is paid up front for a one-year or three-year term, it enables users to budget their costs in advance. If you rely on MaxView products in your day to day business, the MaxView Annual Subscription Plan is your best solution to ensure that you are always on the latest release and guarantees fast, accurate technical support.

Gold Support is an important element of the eective long-term use of your Software License. Continuing to maintain Gold Support on purchased licenses prior to the release of 5.0 provides the following benefits: (Gold Support is included with all MaxView 5.0 One year or Three year Software Subscriptions.)

  • Provides unliminted access to email support facilities.
  • Provides designed access to telephone support help desk,
  • Includes malfunction incident reporting, investigation and remedial resolution or workaround instruction when appropriate
  • Includes operational assistance with installation, configuration, System ID registration and authorization keys, troubleshooting and recovery.
  • Keeps you up-to-date by giving access to technical bulletins and application notes and entitling you to recieve minor and major version of a release containing product updates and enhancements.
  • Priority access and input to new development updates.
Technical support is provided during normal business hours and associated fees help ensure adequate resources are available on an on-going basis to carry out these activities.

Using Product Support
As a first step, please check MaxView Help, ReadMe files and Release Notes provided with your MaxView product. The Help files provide detailed instructions to help you use the product features effectively. If you have taken these steps and your question or difficulty still remains, we encourage you to email a detailed description of your question or problem to our Help Desk. Please include your operating system information and the circumstances in which to recreate the problem you have encountered. Email to or telephone technical support at (425) 438-3168 and receive a response on or before the next business day.

Subscription Pricing and Gold Support Plans
  • Helpdesk support is available from 8 AM to 5 PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Email Technical Support